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What Do You Like In Your Puzzle Hunts?

Last year we wrote a little puzzle hunt called Crash Master. When I say it's a "little" puzzle hunt–it includes 14 puzzles that make up the larger metapuzzle–and it's not easy, taking well over 2 hours to solve (longer for some). Writing these puzzles is extremely enjoyable, but my favorite part is getting these puzzle hunts out to you!

So I began to wonder, what are those components that make these puzzles the best for you, the end-user? Because what might make them fun for me as a writer might not be the most important for you, the solver.

When we're writing, I want to make sure that I don't include too many of one or another type of puzzle. For instance, I LOVE cryptograms–all types, letters, photos, symbols–I love them all. What I don't love is the mathematical puzzles. Why? Because they are not where I'm strongest. In fact, I usually field those over to my biz partner Kara to solve (and create).

Then I think about making sure the puzzle hunt story is compelling. Some solvers don't care about a story, but I love having a story because it helps me hide clues to the puzzles and makes the hunt more interesting.

So let me know what you like in your puzzle hunts. What's most important to you? What do you like and dislike? We'll keep it in mind for our next hunt!


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