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One2Crew designs puzzle hunts, card and tabletop board games.  


We have prepackaged games or will write one for your company or organization. We also create games for corporate and team events. 

Contact us with questions about what our games can do for your business.


Barbara Keckler

Founder & Co-Creator

Barbara is intrigued with human interaction and how distinct personalities relate. She loves coming up with new puzzles that will captivate even the most cynical game player.

Kara Lagerquist

Founder & Co-Creator

Kara is a short ball of sarcasm and fun. She spends her time writing and solving puzzles and games. She also enjoys golfing poorly.


Looking for a customized game? Give us a call!

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Tel: 208-521-0998

Tel: 208-520-9891

405 NW Bonneville

Idaho Falls, ID 83401


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