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Do you love spuds? So do we, not only to eat but also compete. In Spud-O-Rama, teams use mashed, hash browned, chipped, and raw potatoes to solve business problems in diorama form. This is a fun indoor exercise designed to compliment any team-building activity.

Game Specs

Number of Players:

Teams of up to six players each are perfect for this game, allowing each team participant to contribute fully to the experience. 

Indoor or Outdoor:

This game is an indoor competitive activity. All you need is a table for players to sort their potatoes and build their diorama. 

Kit Contents:

Kits come with table covering, bowls, utensils, and potatoes; mashed, hash brown, and chipped, along with extra items to add pizazz to your dioramas. All you need to provide is a raw potato and a bottle of water per kit. 

Kit Size:

Kits can be purchased individually or in bundles of 5.

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Team Dynamic Used:

Spud-O-Rama is a game designed to let employees' imaginations run wild by creating conceptual art to convey their interpretation of a subject. It opens discussion; building camaraderie through the sharing of perspectives and requires players to cooperate and compromise. Team members understand and interpret these perspectives aiding communication skills, leading to more flexibility and a willingness to work together to solve problems. 


Each team will be provided a kit. Proctor provides one fresh potato and 20 oz. of water. 



Individual kit: $24.95


Bundle of 5 kits: $100


Contact us for bulk pricing.



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