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Exciting New Game For Families To Be Released Soon

It's exciting times here at One2Crew. We've been working hard on a new game, and we are poised to introduce it to you very soon–and it will be our first Kickstarter game.

There's a Yak on the Track! will be launching on Kickstarter at the beginning of June. We originally wanted it to "go live" on May 31, but the artwork was a little later than we expected, so the prototypes are a bit later making the video a little later...dominos. So we've had to push the actual launch date back about two weeks. But we are very excited to introduce the game, and we hope you will all like it!

Kara came up with this game; I have only been a support mechanism on this one. And this one is different than the puzzle hunts we've done and utterly different than the cooperative game we are working on for later this year. Yak is a family game, perfect for playing with kids five and up.

The goal is to steal as many of the train cars as possible whenever the Yak stops the train by strolling onto the track to eat the tender grass between the rails. It's an easy game to learn and fun to play. The cards are colorful and entertaining.

Of course, with anything on Kickstarter, we have a base game plus extras. Our base game features our Yak, and Rocco the Rhino, the train engineer. We plan to offer a holographic Rocco in some of the Kickstarter editions of the game. Geraldine the Giraffe, Milton the Monkey, Ludwig the Lion, Elena the Elephant, Sancho the Snake, Zed the Zebra, and Axel the Alligator are passengers.

With increasing levels of the Kickstarter packs, we also will include bonus cards, including Morris the Moose, Addison the Antelope, Bailey Bear, and Eunice the Unicorn.

We do have a launch page you can sign up for (click here to sign up) so we can keep you up-to-date on the launch, extras, stretch goals, and new information about this game and others coming up.

Watch for more about There's a Yak on the Track! and check back for upcoming games; Jungle Journey, The Detectives, and The Village now under construction at One2Crew.

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