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How We Started–The Advent Of One2Crew

It was a dark and stormy night….no that’s not it.

Once upon a time there were 2 rad chicks that worked for the same company. I always talked with Barb at work and thought she’d be pretty cool to hang with. But we were work friends not outside-of-work friends (I was too lazy to put myself out there). Time passed and after working together about 7 or so years, Babs moved on to another company. During our work-a-day chats we somehow found out we both liked to play cards. My BF & I were always wanting people to play pinochle with, so I got a hold of her a few times to play. We had a lot of fun, we started spending more time together, and I’m so awesome that it wasn’t any kind of hardship for her.

On a trip to Montana, we were discussing talents and realized we both had experience creating games for team building events. We created One2Crew in 2015 to create puzzle hunts for companies to use for that purpose but decided we didn’t want to limit ourselves to just those games. We wanted to design games for individuals, groups of friends, and companies.

My brother told me about a game convention in Layton UT called SaltCon that we decided to attend to get more insight into the gaming world. This is where I found my people. I’ve always felt self-conscious, so I was very comfortable in the judgement-free zone of the gaming community. We went to seminars on game design, played different types to learn about game mechanics, and even won a design contest that is eventually going to be on Kickstarter by another publisher. (More about that another time when the date is set). We’ve gone to SaltCon for the last 5 years, and it’s so cool to see people we’ve played with in the past and the new games that are available.

They say it’s not work if you do what you love so someday soon, we will be doing this full time. In the meantime, the research and development is a blast. -Kara


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