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Welcome to One2Crew, a team-building game design company based in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Team-building games promote creative development by adding elements of play and gaming to business processes. These games are a way to bring employees together in an effort to increase productivity, spur innovation and creative thinking, overcome conflict, increase engagement, improve collaboration and communication. 

Event Games Available


The Great Race

Available in May 2018


The Great Race is an outdoor game in which teams use a map to move through the landscape completing tasks and compiling puzzle pieces. Once all puzzle pieces are acquired, the team completes the puzzle and races to the revealed finish. 

Zombie Apocolypse

An outdoor game for bigger teams split into Zombies, Humans, and Doctors. A parasitic virus is spreading worldwide, turning people into zombies. A small group of doctors is racing against time to cure those infected, while humans try to disable the zombies to keep from being bitten. Meanwhile, zombies, who must consume a steady diet of human flesh are trying to bite as many humans as possible.


The game introduces strategy, risk, and leadership skills within the teams.

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